New Story Up at Metaphorosis

metaphorosis_2017-01I’m so excited that Metaphorosis Magazine published my story, “Business as Usual,” today. Normally, this would be where I’d talk a bit about the process of writing the story, but the wonderful folks at Metaphorosis will be publishing a post about that on their site in the next few months. So instead, I’m going to talk a little about the many people who help me take my stories from ideas to finished pieces. Basically, this is a giant THANK YOU post. The Oscar speech I will never give…probably.

  • Critique readers!
    Much is said about the loneliness and isolation of writing, and…it’s all totally true! Yaaaay! But after the writing, things can (and should, in my opinion) get a lot more communal. Every writer needs critical readers. These hardy souls will not only sift through the word sludge to help you find the gold, they will also point out all the typos you can no longer see (through those puffy, teary eyes–writing is fun!). Luckily, I married such a reader; Jon generally does the first pass for me (usually at 2 a.m. which seems to be when I finish first drafts). Then it goes to my insanely talented crit group; and then to a few trusted writer friends.
    I believe there is such a thing as over-workshopping a story though. So make sure you find readers who will be honest, focused, and constructive with their feedback. A yes-man is not a good crit reader. [As for where to find good ones? In my experience, taking a workshop, class, or joining a local writing group is a great way to meet fellow writers (and to trial run them as critique partners). There are also countless forums and groups online to team up with other writers, and ::an introvert’s shudder:: you can even meet potential crit partners in real life at conferences and conventions.]
  • Great editors!
    Metaphorosis Magazine‘s editor, B. Morris Allen, was clear and communicative about every step of the process, answered my questions quickly, and gave incredible feedback on my story. I’ve been in the world of words long enough to know that not every publication experience is like this, so I’m really grateful for this one.
  • Friends!
    They keep me going when nothing else will.

So thank you all, please go check out the story when you have a chance. If you like it, consider supporting Metaphorosis on Patreon or donating via the Everytown link at the bottom of the story page.

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